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Submission Guidelines:

ABC books are picture books with one picture for each letter of the alphabet. Acceptable illustrations are pencil, colored pencil, pen, crayon, marker, paint, collage, photographs or computer generated illustrations. If photographs or computer illustrations are used, they must be integrated into the pages of the book. That is, the illustrations and text must come together, as in a published work. ABC books must be at least five pages long. While there is no word count limitation and no maximum page length, keep in mind that picture books are generally under 32 pages and contain fewer than 1500 words.

An enchanting example of the ABC Gender: Laura Seeley's Shadowboxes

Teaching This Genre:

Creating an ABC collection is a great way for a young scholar to familiarize him or herself with the letters and sounds of the alphabet. However, ABC isn't just for alligator, ball, and cat. Older authors and illustrators have written ABC books on every theme from museum art to bacteria. Two of our favorites happen to be The Invisible ABC: Exploring the World of Microbes and Museum ABC from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Writing an ABC book on a certain topic can help a child organize information he or she has learned, and also find out new facts. It's always a stretch to find that X word! Consider a South American alphabet, or a physics alphabet, or a musical alphabet.

This page, ABC Books Aren't for Babies, has lots of lesson ideas for creating alphabet books. Also, check out this list of alphabet books, from Mrs. McGowan's web site, for a whole lot of titles you may not have heard of in this genre. Sue LeBeau has a collection of lessons involving ABC books, and Jan Brett has a lovely coloring book alphabet you can view online.

2008 Finalists:

Kindergarten-2nd Grade:

Colby T., "Baseball ABC"
Adriana W., "ABC's"

3rd-6th Grade:

Susanna A., Abby P., Ashley R., Julia S., "26 Amazing Things Girls Like"
Amae A., "My Alphabet Book"
Ainsley B., "Alphabet Train"
Hannah Marie S., "ABC's of the World"


Heather T., "What in the World?"
Rebecca Y., "Aah, Buh, Cuh!"
Callie S., "Around the Farm ABC"