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SINGLE BLOG POST (Judge: Michelle Mitchell) ENTIRE BLOG (Judge: Mir Kamin)
3td-6th Grade

Winner: Zoe B., "The Time Turner and Time Travel"

K-2nd Grade

Winner: Phillip P., "News About Where I Go"

7th-9th Grade

Winner: Eliza K. S., "Uncle Eliza's Guide to Being Perfect"

10th-12th Grade

Winner: Aurora E.-P., "Esme Emanuel"


Winner: Marie W., "Work @ Home"


Winner: Rebecca W., "Rebecca Pi"

DRAMA ORIGINAL SKIT (Judge: Kim Brundidge) COMIC BOOK (Judge: Mark Crilley)
7th-9th Grade

Winner: Jeremy L., Ian G., Monserrat P., "Adventures in Amnesia"

7th-9th Grade

Winner: Morgan Hauer, "Daemon #1"


Winner: Elizabeth W., "Saving Lizzy Fish"

NOVEL COVER ART (Judge: Joshilyn Jackson)  
3rd-6th Grade

Winner: Patrick S., "The Sea of Trolls"

7th-9th Grade

Winner: Caroline M., "The Serpent Queen"


Winner: Elizabeth W., Rachel W., and Sadie C., "The Goose Girl"

2008 Entire Blog Finalists


Phillip P., "News About Where I Go"

10th-12th Grade:

Aurora E-P, "Esme Emanuel"

College and Adult:
Post-its from a Parallel Universe
Rebecca Pi
Armstrong Industry Journal
Do Life Right

2008 Blog Single Post Finalists:

3rd-6th Grade:

7th-9th Grade:

Eliza S., "Uncle Eliza's Guide To Being Perfect"

College and Adult:

Marie W., Work at Home Blog Post


2008 Comic Book Finalists:

3rd-6th Grade:

Jayson S., "Moonboy!  The Exciting, The Mouth Drooling, Awesome Adventures (Well Maybe Not So Exciting Adventures) of Moonboy."

7th-9th Grade:

Patience W., "Dark Realms: Warmorning"
Morgan H., "Daemon #1"

2008 Finalists:

7th-9th Grade
Jeremy L., Ian G., Monserrat P., "Adventures In Amnesia".
Elizabeth W., "Preview to her movies, "Saving LiZZY Fish"."