That's a wrap! Congratulations to all our winners. The Book Arts Bash now has its own domain name, and a brand new web site for a new Bash in 2010. Visit us here!

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Submission Guidelines:

Create an original script and act out your drama on camera. Films should be around 3 minutes long -- definitely no less than 1 minute and no more than 5. You can use whatever film style you like and use any special effects you can implement. Make sure the actors you use give their permission for the film to be posted online if that's how you decide to submit your entry. You can submit your file on a data CD or DVD with your entry form taped to the front, or you can host your file online and fill out an entry form to tell us where to find it.

Acceptable video formats include the following: .avi .mov .wmv .mpg .mpeg .swf

Teaching This Genre:

Whether you're staging a battle between eight spaceships or a conversation between two people, there will be limits to what you can include, how many actors can be involved, what props are available, etc. Students sometimes dream big and then feel discouraged when the reality isn't as spectacular as the imagination. However, when the adults involved stay positive and encouraging, you'd be amazed at how the imagination can make up the gaps. Let them go with whatever solutions occur to them, and roll with it. Try not to get too involved in "fixing" and "helping." Lessons learned independently will be more interesting and effective than those taught. "Failures" can lead to greater understanding of the process and more ideas for next time.

Links to letters on writing for the stage from famous playwrights.

Create a short play with animals right in your browser.

Ehow article on How to Write a Play.

Sheri Sinykin's (Magic Attic Club Books) ideas on How to Write a Scene.

John August's (screenwriter "Big Fish," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory") take on How to Write a Scene.

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