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Submission Guidelines:

Comic books come in all shapes and sizes. We only ask that you can fit your entry into a standard manila envelope. Your comic book should be complete with text and illustrations appearing integrated on the same page. It can be color or black and white, computer generated or hand-drawn, and it can be as long as you need it to be. Keep in mind that the standard size for comic book is 11x17, folded in half to make the book. You can make it smaller if you like.

Your comic can be a long narrative that spans the entire book, or it can be a collection of shorter "stories" or even a collection of short cartoons you might find in the comics section of the newspaper. Invent your own characters -- do not include any copyrighted images or characters.

Teaching This Genre:

Writing a comic book can be a fun, no-stress way to enter the world of book creation. Imagining superheroes and dastardly villains, or creating silly characters like fat cats or rude beagles, may have no obvious literary merit, but is definitely fun. If you and your child have read the works of Dav Pilkey (Captain Underpants!) or the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, you know that comics go beyond Superman and Lois Lane, and are a very accessible art form for children. For older kids, writing graphic novels or more "serious" comics are a great way to integrate art and writing, and for all students, creating comics can be a neat summary for a concept learned, a book read, a piece of history mastered. Have you read the comic version of Moby Dick? How about a comic about gravity and force? A villain and hero series set in Ancient Egypt? There are a thousand possibilities for using comics to get kids excited about learning.

Comic creator:

Links on writing comics:

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