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K-2nd Grade

Judge: Julia DeVillers

Winner: Maggie W., "Pookie's Christmas"

3rd-6th Grade

Judge: Melissa Wiley

Winner: Rebekah W., "The Bear Cub and the Meat Bee"

3rd-6th Grade

Judge: Dan Elish

Winner: Maya L., All That Glitters is Gold

7th-9th Grade

Judge: Michael D'Orso

Winner: Wesley W., "The Butterfly and the Moth"

7th-9th Grade

Judge: Sara Gruen

Winner: Ruth Feldman, "A Smile On Her Face"

10th-12th Grade

Judge: Karen Abbott

Winner: Vienna H., "The Rabbit Who Thought She Was Perfect"

10th-12th Grade

Judge: Sara Gruen

Winner: Alexandra M., "Playground of the Imagination"


Judge: Cressida Leyshon

Winner: Amy C., "Who's the Weirdest?"

3rd-6th Grade

Judge: Jennifer Roy

Winner: Rebecca Nicole A., "Why Dogs Hate Cats"

3rd-6th Grade

Judge: Kirby Kim

Winner: Christian Abeel, "Derek's Unexpected Adventure"

7th-9th Grade

Judge: Juliana Baggott

Winner: Sam S., "The Tale of King Lokat and the Dragon"

7th-9th Grade

Judge: Daniel Lazar

Winner: Rhiannon H., "The Battle for Menkanon"

10th-12th Grade

Judge: Bruce Coville

Winner: Vienna H., "Oracle Wolf"

10th-12th Grade

Judge: Rebecca Oliver

Winner: Vienna H., "Chasing Windbirds"


Judge: Jacques deSpoelberg

Winner: Jamie Smith H., "Convinced"


2008 Novel Excerpt Finalists:

3rd-6th Grade:

Abby F., Azalea
Nico Chiodi., Dark Days
Christian A., An Unexpected Adventure
Shannon A., Road to Ireland
Lydia A., Mae

7th-9th Grade:

Bevan Kyle M., The One of Twelve
Adam Christopher L., The Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows
Holden M., Speed Limit: 60 Minutes an Hour
Emily H., Par Normela
Mara P., When Cats Take Over the World
Rhiannon H., The Battle for Menkanon

10th-12th Grade:

Paul H., Portal
Samuel O., Tempest
Vienna H., Chasing Windbirds


Elysia W., Pieces
Jamie Smith H., Convinced
Kristi H., The Palace Sweeper
Rebecca W., The Other Side of Jacob's Peak

2008 Legend Finalists:

3rd-6th Grade:

Joel L., "Why The Sand Is Yellow".
Michael DC., "Paul Bunyan and The Quick Trip To Canada".

7th-9th Grade:

Sam S., "The Tale of King Lokat and The Dragon".
Bekah O., "The Legend of The First Rain".
Rebecca A, "Why Dogs Hate Oats".

10th-12th Grade:

Vienna H., "Oracle-Wolf, or Why Wolves Howl at the Moon"
Camille M., "The Myth of Jacinda"


2008 Original Story Finalists:

Kindergarten-2nd Grade:

Catherine T., "Lizzy & the Snowman"
Catherine T., "Princess Ariana's Trip"
Phillip P., "Dorito Attack"
Matthew M., "Lego Person"

3rd-6th Grade
Zoe P., "Ann #1".
Maddie M., "The Pig Problem".
Sara W., "My Joke Book"

7th-9th Grade:

Mason J., "Karate Korner"
Roma W., "Oz: The Story-Memoirs of a Child's Best Friend"
Alexei S., "Avon Mountain Traffic Jam"

10th-12th Grade
Cathy W.,  "What is this?"


Rebecca Y., "Dirt Fried Worms".
Sheila B-A. & Terry M., "An Angel In The Sky".
Sandra B., "The Guinea Pigs in the Garden Series".

2008 Fable Finalists:

3rd - 6th Grade
Joel L., "The Bear and The Donkey".
Rebecca W., "The Bear Cub and The Meat Bee.".
Aidan P., "The Sloth and The Loon".
7th-9th Grade
Madison V., "Marcus and The Butterfly".
Wesley W., "The Butterfly and The Moth".
Micah L., "The Swan and The Duck".
10th - 12th Grade
Vienna H., "The Rabbit Who Thought She Was Perfect".
Camille M., "The Fable Of Mabel".
Charity W., "The Huter and The Quail - Retold".