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Please visit the Favorite Poem Project, and hear Americans read the poetry they love.

Submission Guidelines:

A collection is composed of at least 10 poems and no more than 30. Each poem should start on a new sheet of paper and the pages should be numbered. Your name should be on every sheet of paper you submit. Font size, line spacing and width are up to you but the poems must be typed. You'll need to title your entire collection and include a cover sheet that includes the name of the collection and the names of the poems in it. If you wish to include illustrations, that's cool too.

Teaching This Genre:

A collection of poetry does not have to be entirely homogenous but thought should be given to making the collection hang together. It's kind of like a band making an album -- you can have your ballads and your fast-paced rock songs, but it all needs to sound like the same singer. Here are a few ways to challenge your child to write poems meant to congregate:

Poems about food from breakfast through lunch to dinner.
A poem a day for a month.
Poems about places on a map.
A poem for each letter of the alphabet.
Poems about things that are red.

2008 Finalists:

3rd-6th Grade:

Danielle R., The Hungry Farmer
Zoe B., Desert Haiku
Julia E., Fairies, Friends and Me

7th-9th Grade:

Sara Jade S., Tears of My Soul
Rachel E., Nature: A Poem Collection
Mara D. P., The Shadows of the Sun

10th-12th Grade:

Kimberly T., "Pensive Visions".
Aurora E-P., "Poetry Collection".
Jessica G., "'Silver of the Other Realm' and Other Selected Works."


Rebecca Y., "Miscarried Hope".
Amy F.G., "Eight Hundred Lifetimes".
Christian C., "Inaccurate Representations".