That's a wrap! Congratulations to all our winners. The Book Arts Bash now has its own domain name, and a brand new web site for a new Bash in 2010. Visit us here!

Please visit the Favorite Poem Project, and hear Americans read the poetry they love.

Telling a story is a wonderful way to express yourself, whether you're 5 or 50. Imagining stories comes naturally to children, especially when external expectations are not too oppressively imposed. For this reason, our "Short Story" category has almost no requirements or specifications, leaving your story completely up to you.

For something with more structure, we invite you to try writing a legend or a fable, and for those with an interest in writing longer work, we have a novel category, as well as a category for novel cover art.

Finally, if poetry is your thing, you can submit either a single poem or a collection of poems. 

Short Story

Original Fable

Original Legend

Novel: Excerpt

Novel: Cover Art

Poem: Single

Poem: Collection